Nice View!?! In Love With The 50mm Lens!?!

You hear me often talk about the importance of practice and challanging yourselfe. And there is nothing better than using a 50mm lens to do that. It forces you to move in order to get the perspective you want.

Yes, It's A Flamingo Post!

There are many frames of the bird as it is somewhat of a favorite of the mass. And I mean who can blame them, it is a huge bird that just looks so cute. Pictures from the zoo Here some shots of the flamingos in Zürich z

What A Change!

What's the difference between posting on hive and posting on normal social media? You guessed it right! it's uncensored!

Amazing Time! Enjoying Life And The Things That Make It Living!

Hi, long time so see, how has it been? Corona is still impacting the lifes of all of us in a drastic way. I shure hope you are safe. Life Is Wonderfull! I allways was the kind of person th

Thank You! Hive Is Strong!

A little suprised that I am the one with the highest power up this power up day! But in outher news the price w

Awsome Crypto Vlog! Climbing Gear Bought with BTC!

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Hive Power Up Day! Crypto Blog! I Just Spend Some Crypto! Must Watch!

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90k HP Reached! So Close To 100k Hive Power!

Exiting times for hive as the price is geting moving. Last month I made about 1000 hive (a bit less) with curation and posts. As I am realy bulish about the next few years, lets increase the hivepower. Lets do some climb

Relaxing Aquarium Video! Hive only blog!

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Having Fun With The Ripsurf! I Bought It With BTC!

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Swiss Hive Badge!

This is a cross post of @sandymeyer/der-badge-ist-hierlasst-uns-pvt6sqhv44ht6m0vfl4x31fat488d7bs by @sandyme

Swiss Hive Badge!

Der Badge ist hier! Lasst uns wissen wen ihr den swiss hive badge wollt! Check out the