Swiss Hive Meet Up Announcement!?! All Infos In The Video!?!

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Switzerland Landscape!?! Amazing View During Day And Sunset!?!

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Portraits Of A Realist And Anarchist. So Much Expression In 15 Images!?!

This is my friend @captainquark. Our past. We met in the worst setting you can imagine, during work in a capitalistic driven place where everybody is replaceble. We m

Two Crazy Drone Images! Hive Only Blog!

Love sunsets! With the drone it is so much fun hunting sunsets! Now as it is spring soon(ich) the intensity and spectrum of the collours during sunrise and set get intenser.

Double Exposure Photography Art!

The bigest watch in europe ☝️ photographed with a double exposure. E

Photography Art! All In Camera!

Double Exposure! Is when you make two images on the same nagativ. Post process is only Adobe Lightroom for some contrast and collour grading. This images are made in camera and you can check how it works in m

Drone Photography (9 Images) Hive Only!

Having this drone is so much fun! It gives new perspectives and possebillitys. Amazing how much smoke the campfire make!

Drone Photos Civil Service Switzerland!

As mentioned in many blogs before I work on nature conservancy during civil service. This images are from the region Lucern Switzerland. The terrain here is quiet trickey as and requires concentration while working with heavy ma